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Joensuunkatu 7D
FIN-24100 Salo, Finland
Tel. +358-(0)2-777 290
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Advanced product development 



Powerfinn applies the latest available technology in all stages of product development. Advanced CAD software is used in designing circuit boards. Utilizing computer-based equipment is used in all our measurements and analyses. The company also has Faraday and cold chambers on its premises, which help finalizing the designs. When the latest technology is combined with a very creative design and skilled personell, the goal of producing "the ultimate equipment" is brought as close as possible.

Switching technology is utilized in the realization of the products. This offers remarkable advantages compared to traditional equipment: the benefits of high power and efficiency are attained in addition to light weight and compact size. The use of switching technology together with intelligent development and efficient manufacturing make an extremely high power/size relation possible. When this relation is considered to be the yardstick of competence, Powerfinn can be said to be a forerunner in its field.

Apart from the high power/size relation, our products  are also competitive because of their versatility. Many of them can be connected to a PC to allow a higher level of personal control over the battery charging process. All of the chargers are microprocessor controlled. This ensures their extremely accurate and battery-friendly function.



Power for all needs


In addition to the basic standard products, such as PAC and PAP models, Powerfinn produces customized chargers, dc/dc converters and power supplies. The flexibility of the production line even enables modifications to the programs of existing equipment to meet the changing needs of a customer. The company's aim is to establish a constructive line of communication between the end-users and the development department to enable the right and most effective solutions in all applications.



Quality and environmental aspects



The Powerfinn’s processes meet ISO 9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental norms in all facilities. The products are confirmed for FI, CE, UL and recycling markings, which ensure their free movement as well as local approvals within the European Union. On request we also develop and produce the product for other institutions as required. Development of powerful, versatile, high-quality and eco-friendly products will always be Powerfinn's main objective.



 ISO9001    ISO14001


Powerfinn is part of Micropower group.


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