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Contact Us

Joensuunkatu 7D
FIN-24100 Salo, Finland
Tel. +358-(0)2-777 290
E-mail info@powerfinn.fi




Micropower Oy General Conditions. Include all terms and conditions for every kind of trading between the customer and Micropower Oy.                 MGC2.4.pdf
  - Available options. This list contains all the combinations what we've done. (73kB)         Available options.pdf
  - User manual for Isolated Analog Control (192kB)         Manual_for_IAControl.pdf
  - How to use code switch. Instructions for changing the charging algorithm by using the code switch. (91kB)         Code switch instr.pdf 
  Adjusting voltage.  Instructions for adjusting voltage by tuning the trimmer. (63kB)        Voltage tuning.pdf 


- Temp/sense info. If you need to connect an external temperature sensor or voltage sense cables to the battery, this will be your guide. (90kB)                Sensinfo_00156.pdf          

Software approval (20kB) 

               Software approval.pdf




Powerfinn is part of Micropower group.


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