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Contact Us

Joensuunkatu 7D
FIN-24100 Salo, Finland
Tel. +358-(0)2-777 290
E-mail info@powerfinn.fi



In addition to the wide standar plattform program, Powerfinn Oy is also a major supplier in demanding customized battery charging and power supplies application.

Our own R&D department together with our production facilities, and our capability to do the inside recearch, product development and tests, we are a flexible and cost-effective partner to solve even the most demanding applications for our customer.

The foundation of a development is the customerís requirements. We utilize the technologies, components and topologies that best fit the product. We normaly benefit from our basic 800, 1600 and 3200 W plattforms to make use of previous experiences and our knowledge. During the development process, we continuously verify that the result will meet applicable laws and standards as well as the required certifications and environmental requirements defined in the design specification.

Please feel free to contact our sales fore more detailed information about our OEM-service.





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Powerfinn is part of Micropower group.


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